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Silent Supper by Milena ZeVu

Curated by Nina Vagic 


17 April – 24 November, 2024 

Venice Art Projects, 994 Fondamenta S. Anna, Castello, Venice 

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 19:00

About Silent Supper

Questioning the Future of Human interactions

Silent Supper, by Milena ZeVu, is a thought-provoking single-channel video that digs deep into the contemporary intersection of art, technology, and the human condition. 

This work offers a rich and multifaceted exploration of the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives prompting us to reflect on the consequences of our growing immersion in a future world shaped by algorithms.


Nina Vagic, Curator

Featured Work


WhatsApp Image 2024-02-13 at 23.42.54_8bc269a1.jpg

Visit Venice Art Projects space at

994 Fondamenta S. Anna, Castello, Venice 

from 17 April – 24 November, 2024 

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 19:00

About the Artist

About the Artist

Milena ZeVu is a multimedia conceptual artist, born in Belgrade, where she graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts. She has been an active artist since 2001. Her creative work includes performances, video works, as well as paintings and sculptures. 


Milena is the creator of the ArtWalks concept in which she experiments with various techniques and art forms, via body art, installations, and video works, all the way to public performances and usage of the latest technologies.ArtWalks emphasises Milena's need to liberate Art from conventional exhibition spaces. Blending with her artworks, she aims to preserve the independence and freedom of art.


Milena’s creative expression goes beyond conventional boundaries, also assuming the role of a freethinker and activist. Through exploration of fundamental subjects and intriguing inquiries, she confronts the essential questions and themes that shape our daily lives. Using her art as a tool, she redirects our attention towards the crucial aspects of human existence.

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